My Favourite Place – Traunkirchen

When people told me that studying would be the best time of my life, they definitely weren’t wrong! I really enjoy being a student, especially when the end of semester is near.

It’s almost June and I can’t wait to start my favorite routine for this part of the year – visiting Traunkirchen, a small village that is around an hour’s drive from my hometown of Linz.

I wasn’t aware of the beauty of Traunkirchen until my parents took me there several years ago. We are very proud of our Austrian culture, and my family and I often visit the village to enjoy the beautiful natural setting and the great specialties the local restaurants offer.

My weekend routine of visiting Traunkirchen started when I got my driving licence, two years ago. The village became an important place to me as the peace it offers can calm me before important football matches or hard college exams. Even the drive to Traunkirchen is relaxing as you pass through imposing mountains and mirror-calm lakes.

The Johannesbergkapelle with Traunstein mountain behind

The Johannesbergkapelle with Traunstein peak towering in the distance

Hotel at Traunkirchen

As soon as I arrive at the village, I like to sit in a local cafe and enjoy a locally-made ice cream or a cake.

Sometimes I rent a boat and row almost to the center of the lake where I sit surrounded by water and remind myself how small I am and how humble I should be when it comes to the situations in life that I find myself in. It’s also great to row a bit further to another village and enjoy the beauty of the mountain scenery.

Boathouse on the Traunsee lake
Traunsee lake
A small estuary off the Traunsee lake

Traunsee is a 24.5 square kilometre lake located in the Salzkammergut resort area of Austria.

The most important part of my weekend trip is visiting a small chapel called Johannesbergkapelle where I pray for my family, my friends and myself. The chapel is quiet and isolated and offers the peace to focus on everything properly. After I have said all my prayers, I like to sit on a bench behind the church and just enjoy the magnificent view on Traunsee. This is something money can’t buy.

My final stop on this weekend is a traditional hotel/restaurant called Symposion that serves phenomenal food and my favorite drink, Radler. I really like the peaceful and rustic atmosphere that makes me forget stressful events from the previous week. I have found my favourite spot under the sun. Have you?

The Johannesbergkapelle at Traunkirchen

Johannesbergkapelle at Traunkirchen

By Christian

I am an economics student from Linz, Austria. I am currently learning Italian as I have a plan to move there in the next few years. I also love football and have been training for 10 years.

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