Celebrating 25 years

This Sunday, December 9th, the tall ship HMB Endeavour will celebrate 25 years at sea at an event at the National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour, Sydney. Visitors will be able to take an onboard tour and the Endeavour’s captain, John Dikkenberg, will give a talk about the ship’s history and what it is like to sail her.

Launched in 1993, HMB Endeavour is a beautifully crafted and wholly faithful replica of the ship in which Captain James Cook made his epic Pacific voyages. In her 25 years she has sailed over 170,000 nautical miles twice around the world, visited 29 countries and many Pacific islands, and opened as a museum in 116 ports. Hundreds of thousands of visitors have come on board to see how Cook and his men lived.

Underway, HMB Endeavour can carry a majestic 10,000 square feet (930m2) of canvas spread amongst 28 sails and managed with almost 30 kilometres of rigging and 750 wooden blocks or pulleys. Imagine the thrill of being on deck as she powers across the ocean swells under full sail.

Take a self-guided virtual tour of HMB Endeavour here.

Don’t just imagine it, get on board!

HMB Endeavour will be undertaking a number of significant voyages in 2019 and crew positions are available on all of them.

In January HMB Endeavour will depart for Hobart in Tasmania to take part in the Australian Wooden Boat Festival. Aspiring crew can sign on board for one of two 11-day voyages. The Sydney to Hobart leg from January 28th to February 8th or the return voyage from February 13th to February 24th.

Maybe you’d rather sail to the sun and sand of a South Pacific paradise. If so, sign up for the 11-day voyage from Sydney to New Caledonia on April 22nd to May 3rd. Or get on board the return journey from May 9th to May 20th.

If you want to set yourself an even bigger ocean sailing challenge, how about crossing the Tasman Sea to beautiful Aotearoa. A springtime departure sees HMB Endeavour depart Sydney for New Zealand on September 12th for an October 1st landfall. The return voyage in early summer leaves New Zealand on December 4th and gets into Sydney in time for Christmas on December 22nd.


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Joining the crew

Voyaging on the HMB Endeavour is designed to build confidence, and teach teamwork and leadership skills by moving you outside your comfort zone. You’ll meet sailing enthusiasts and adventurers from all walks of life, make new friends and create a lifelong connection to the HMB Endeavour community.

Depending on your physical ability and your level of desire to participate in the hands-on sailing of the ship, there are two ways to join the crew.

Voyage crew sleep in hammocks and stand watch, set and take in sail, helm the ship and help keep her clean. As a Voyage crewmember you must be able to climb aloft (39 metres in a harness). Voyage crew pay AU$270 per day while onboard.

Alternatively, Supernumerary berths are available and are ideal for those who prefer not to do the sailing activities or who do not meet all the physical requirements for going aloft. You can choose your level of involvement, but will be encouraged to help crew the ship where possible. You will occupy single cabins and relax in the Great Cabin, just as Cook himself did. Supernumerary berths are priced at AU$500 per day.

You must be over 18 to apply for voyage positions and will need a signed medical clearance from a doctor. You must also be able to swim or confidently tread water.

There is a comprehensive FAQs page on the ANNM website to answer other questions you might have.

Voyage Prices


Voyage Crew – 11 day voyage charged $270 per day. Total cost = $2970
Supernumerary – 11 day voyage charged $500 per day. Total cost = $5500

New Caledonia

Voyage Crew – 11 day voyage charged $270 per day. Total cost = $2970
Supernumerary – 11 day voyage charged $500 per day. Total cost = $5500

New Zealand

Voyage Crew – 18 day voyage charged $270 per day. Total cost = $4860
Supernumerary – 18 day voyage charged $500 per day. Total cost = $9000