I was fighting with my brother over the window seat. After that, I don’t remember anything, except waking up next morning

My childhood was perfect. I was born and raised in New Jersey and lived in a lovely house with my family around me. For my sixth birthday my mom went all out with a Pocahontas theme – it was amazing. It’s the last beautiful memory I have of my family together. A month later, in December 1995, we were due to travel to Colombia as a family for the first time. I was so excited as it was going to be my first flight. We were travelling to meet family members I had never met before, for a big reunion.

We were rushing on the way to the airport and our car almost flipped over on the way because of the snow on the roads, so we were delayed. It was chaos once we got there – rush, rush, rush. We only just boarded on time, and the plane took off late.

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