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Experience: I saved an elephant from drowning

The river was deep and unpredictable, and infested with crocodilesI live in Samburu, in northern Kenya, but I was raised even farther north, on the border of Ethiopia. Where I grew up, there were elephants living in the wild. I...

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Experience: I can only paint in my sleep

I’ll use any tools I can find. At a friend’s, I used coal and chicken bonesWhen I was at school, I hated art. Growing up in north Wales, I was not able to scrape higher than an E in my final exams. I wasn’t too bothered; I...

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Experience: I make prosthetic arms with Lego

I tested one by hitting it against a wall – the wall took the damageI was born with Poland syndrome, a disease that prevented the formation of my right arm and pectoral muscles. I was bullied at school. People said things like,...

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Experience: I can smell illnesses in people

We walked into a Parkinson’s support group and the smell hit me – it was overwhelmingWhen I was six, I embarrassed a boy in class by putting my hand up and telling the teacher he’d wet himself. He sat two rows behind me but I’d...

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Experience: I broke every bone in my face

Normally in facial reconstructive surgery they use the working bones as support, but in my case there weren’t anyLast year, I was enrolled on a master’s course in computer software engineering at Carnegie Mellon University in...

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Experience: my sunglasses took my eye out

I had glass shards stuck in my face. I was in so much shock I could barely feel painI’ve worn sunglasses ever since I was a little girl, regularly going shopping with my mom for new pairs. After splurging on some gorgeous large...

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Experience: I guard the Amazon rainforest

All we want is to preserve our land. Our enemies want us deadMy family have lived in our indigenous territory for generations; the Maranhão region of northern Brazil is my ancestral home. For centuries, across 400,000 hectares...

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Experience: I found a human bone in the Thames

I didn’t know if it belonged to a murder victim. I had to report itIt was a lovely midweek morning last September. I’m a keen rower and I go out on the Thames with my club as often as I can. The river is usually murky and grey,...

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