Here at ISEENEW we want to celebrate human experience. We want to expand your horizons.

In our everyday lives it is all too easy to fall into routines that don’t make room for the new and the different. We have work, school, family commitments, chores; we are weighed down by what we must do. But what is that we want to do? What are our dreams, and what is stopping us?

On our beautiful blue planet there are more than 7 billion of us living our own version of this life. We all have unique experiences to share, our stories to tell, and at ISEENEW we think we should hear from each other.

Beyond the perceived threat of terrorism and the fear campaigns of populist politicians are ordinary people who have far more in common than they have to fight about.

Beyond the deadening effects of celebrity culture and consumerism there are people living full and authentic lives of their own making.

It has been reported by the people who follow such things that the world has reached “peak stuff”. That is good news because our experiences fill us up while stuff just empties our wallets and weighs on our minds. At ISEENEW we want you to stop shopping and start living.

We’re based in Melbourne, Australia but we love to travel. Or we did until the pandemic hit and we had to hurry back from Patagonia before the Australian borders closed. Here’s hoping we can all get back to living our dreams in the not too distant future.

Hang in there everybody.